To inspect and document as many buildings as robotically possible


To help good people make really informed decisions regarding their buildings

Our Culture

The stuff written below is really what we’re all about on a daily basis. We believe that being upfront and open about our culture is much better than projecting a faux set of values. It’s often said that when what you see about a company online and in the first few meetings is just the surface of the iceberg, the real culture is what is submerged below the waterline. We think that’s backwards, so enjoy the view of our underbelly below.

Beginners Mind

When you’re a beginner there are so many possibilities, when you’re an expert there are few. Approach situations and challenges from a naive mindset, prevent the embedding of assumptions that need to be questioned in the first place.



If it negatively affects too many people we won’t do it – factor that in the discussion and thought process throughout. Empathize with both partner and client to see the situation from their point of view.


Walk Softly, Carry a Big Stick

There’s no need to shout from the rooftops, even when you’re doing amazing things. Strive to be seemingly ordinary, quietly producing extraordinary results. Customers and competition will see and sense the good. Confidence is usually silent, insecurities are loud.


Meritocracy Matters

Everyone has a voice and no amount of success, experience or lack there of prevents any one human from providing insight from their point of view. Those who consistently produce great ideas within the team environment are rewarded.


Question Everything, Constantly

Remember that you’ve never exhausted all possibilities, there’s always a better way. It’s nice to be the first mover but unless you continue to innovate you’ll be caught. Think five years ahead, be scared that the competition is coming and let that fear drive you faster and further than you ever thought possible.


Learn from Success

From mistakes, you learn what not to do again, it’s more valuable to learn what works. Evolution doesn’t linger on past failures and so you should always be building upon what worked.


Don't Be An Asshole

Do no make others feel worse about themselves after interacting with you. Treat every single person with decency and compassion without differentiating between those who are less or more powerful than you.