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Inspection Robot Flies High

What if you could train a monkey, armed with a helmet camera, to climb around your high-rise building to conduct a visual inspection? Well, a company by the name of FTD Highrise Inspection thought, why not have a robot do it instead?

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SAM robot climbs highrises to check for damage

If you were responsible for the upkeep of a 20-story-tall building, you wouldn’t just stand on the ground and look up at it to see if it needed any structural repairs. Instead you’d hire a building inspection service, which would lower inspectors down the side of the building on a swing stage or bosun chair, like window cleaners use. The folks at FTD Highrise Inspection, however, are now using something that they claim is a superior alternative – a highrise-inspecting robot they created, called SAM.

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FTD Highrise Inspection pitches the Dragons

Brothers from Mississauga pitch their robot that descends high rise buildings and photographs them to inspect for damage

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SAM the robot could inspect Toronto highrises

Entrepreneur Filip Sobotka says the solution to Toronto’s falling glass problems could be a robot named SAM.

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Building inspectors develop robot to speed up jobs

Mr. Sobotka and his sons, Filip and Thomas, decided to develop a robot to automate building inspections and, at the same time, do a more thorough, faster and cheaper job. The technology would provide such a ripe opportunity, Filip Sobotka said he was surprised no one had done it before.

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