Provincial Property Management Inc.

“It was just what our building needed, we would learn so much about the structure so we could be proactive. It is a very logical approach to building maintenance at reasonable cost, much more detailed than other methods, you also have a record (now) to refer to in the future.”
Susan Acker, RCM and VP of Client Services, Provincial Property Management


Park Property Management

exterior (2)
“I was pleased to give FTD Highrise the opportunity to share their new service with us. My impressions from discussions with our engineer is that he is pleased too. The detail is impressive! In many cases this will save us thousands of dollars instead of swing stage investigations on building elevations. I’m confident that we will use the service again in the future.”
Weldon Warren, Director of Maintenance, Park Property Management


Medallion Corporation

“They are more detailed in comparison to the way I used to do it. Since they are in sequence, it makes it very easy to track where you are on the building. This is great especially when referring back to the images and calculating costs. When I review past images taken during a previous visits to buildings it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to remember what location a certain image is referring to. This can lead to double counting and incorrectly increase the cost of the project.”
Tony Pirone, Manager of Purchasing and Maintenance, Medallion Corporation

500 Avenue Rd.

“My main responsibilities are to make sure that we have a healthy building in all aspects, building envelope, mechanical and general maintenance. Working with FTD Highrise, we were able to explore a complete face of the building at a fraction of the cost.”
Mike Lapointe, Property Manager, 500 Avenue Rd.


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